At 52 I find myself almost crippled with arthritis.

Today I find myself wanting to blog my experiences with my health and well being after #BlossomBaratrics broke my last straw. I have been battling my weight most of my life but I managed to keep it under control until Dr. Dino Ramzi gave me a new antidepressant called Celexa. I gained 70 pounds in a year despite eating once a day and commuting via mass transit 38 miles to work. My work day to between 14 and 16 hours. Which involved a lot of walking and standing. He told me to stop eating and I looked at him like he had lost his mind. I ate meal a day and quick snack on 30 min break. At the time I preferred to smoke my lunch. Needless to say I quit taking the Celexa and I stopped gaining weight. However much of the damage was done. In mid-winter I took a fall at 4a on ice side walk which hurt like hell but I was to close to work to return home and figured it would get better after bit. The initial pain got worse I ended up at quick care for it. They gave me pain pills and muscle relaxer and I was out of work for a week. What I didn’t know is that was the second blow in the beginning of the end of my normal life. The first came in my early twenties when I apparently ruptured a disc saving a patient from falling on the floor  while working in nursing home. I spent 9 weeks in bed and therapy before being able to return to work. I went about my life after that pretty much normally until the second fall. After that my pain increased more and more until I was no longer able to work. I was declared disabled 3 years after I decided I could no longer work. Since that fall I have gained another 130 pounds due to lack of activity. I have been trying to lose wait for more than 3 years. I have lost 34 pounds on my own and am stuck. I sought treatment at Blossom Bariatrics everything was a go until December 2106 after 4 months of going to see them monthly and upper endoscopy. For them to tell me after asking before ever scheduling that they would accept my Medicaid from Arizona. Mind you I am QMB patient with medi/medi and they are not legally allowed to say no. However they have now sent me a paper bill and I have called medicare for the balanced billing practice.  For now I continue on my journey without the surgery my doctors all say I need. Why because of Tom W. Umbach and Matt E. Apel at Blossom. The stupid thing is they would have accepted assignment they would have been reimbursed more than the 20 percent by Medicaid.


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